Youth Coalition

       The Columbiana County Youth Coalition develops positive leadership skills in Columbiana County teens. With an emphasis on addressing substance abuse, the Youth Coalition members join forces with their classmates and communities to prevent or reduce youth and adult substance use while promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Who are Youth Leaders?

        Youth members are identified as leaders or potential leaders, grades 9-12, who are interested in preventing drug and alcohol use, as well as promoting positive and healthy lifestyle choices. School officials, parents, community organizations, or any person that wishes to promote these healthy lifestyle choices, can refer a youth leader to the coalition.

What does the Youth Coalition do?

       The youth leaders will attend and lead youth coalition meetings. The meetings consist of planning prevention projects, sharing information and ideas about alcohol and drug use prevention, and other prevention related agenda items. Civic and community responsibilities are emphasized as well, as prevention projects include media campaigns, data collection, event planning and hosting, information dissemination, and more. Youth leaders will also be offered trainings in leadership and substance abuse prevention in an effort to make them experts among their peers. Our youth address the needs of others in their school and community, as they come to better understanding of their own personal development.

Contact Information

966 North Market Street Lower Level
P.O. Box 464 | Lisbon, Ohio 44432

Phone: (330) 424-0531
Fax: (330) 424-1724

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